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Palm Tree Camel is a holistic wellness service, specialises in curating personalised yoga experience that meets the client’s lifestyle needs.

The "Palm Tree" & the "Camel" represent our origin, Saudi Arabia. They are both deeply imbedded & celebrated in our culture. Respectively, they symbolise prosperity & endurance. Camel is also a name of a yoga pose!

About the founder:​

Dr Munirah is a yoga teacher & a holistic dietitian. She teaches Vinyasa Hatha Yoga; with great emphasis on breath awareness & injury prevention. 

In her classes she incorporate musical instruments (ex: Hang Drum, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Tamte) to induce deeper states of relaxation. 


  • Hatha yoga 200 RYT, Siva rathna.

  • Jivamukti Yoga 75 hr, Los Angeles.

  • PhD, Imperial College London

  • Clinical Nutrition, RD, MRs

Camels in the Desert
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